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Hundreds of messianic prophecies were quietly fulfilled in plain sight right under the noses of God's people at the first coming of Christ. They were either too busy or too intent on their own version of Messiah's coming to notice. So it is at the end of this age on the eve of the second coming. The hour is very late. Hundreds of prophecies are quietly being fulfilled right under our noses. Most of us are too busy or too intent on our own version of Messiah's second coming to notice. Will you be unprepared on the Day of Christ's return?

every generation since the first coming, there have been Christians who believed they were in the very last days. In this book, you'll learn why this current generation is truly set apart from all the previous ones. You will learn not only why this message should sober us, but also why it should excite us. And your faith will be strengthened as you understand the incredible, intricate fulfillment of prophecies stretching back thousands of years.

What if the first resurrection has already passed? Is it possible that the millennia of Satan being bound has come and gone? Have he and his principalities been released to again deceive the nations? Is there a great harvest underway even now to bring in countless multitudes from every tongue and tribe so that the Great Commission will finally be brought to completion?



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